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American Renascent Community Outreach

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American Renascent Center has created a project Called Community Crisis Center that removes barriers preventing families from receiving healthy essentials. Our goal is to place a “buffer” between the families that we serve and the Covid-19 and Covid related viruses. We've developed a system to support families that are struggling with mental health and those who may have physical, sensory, behavioral, or intellectual disabilities affecting their ability to conform to infection control protocols such as masking, hand washing, or distancing. Whether you believe you may have these symptoms or not, no one is refused our home delievery services if needed. The project is an outreach foodbank and high risk delivery system that provides healthy essentials to families facing food insecurities. We have partnered with Los Angeles City Council District 14, Certs, NTP, Local Neighborhood Watch and other organizations, agencies and community leaders to accomplish our Mission. Community Crisis Center is delivering food, diapers and other needed items twice a month. If you or a loved one is in need of our services please reach out to us anytime @ 323-534-8980 via text. We're currently serving El Sereno, South Pasadena, Alhambra, Lincoln Heights, Eagle Rock, Monterey Park, Montebello, East Los Angeles, parts of Glendale, Glendora and University Hills. Visit our CCC page here or click the Community Crisis Center link in the navigaton menu. We would like to give special thanks to these organizations for their support.
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Are you a veteran in crisis or concerned about one? Connect with the Veterans Crisis Line to reach caring, qualified responders with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Many of them are Veterans themselves. Call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1,  or visit them online here  or  text to 838255.

The City of Los Angeles is providing free COVID-19 testing to ALL Los Angeles County residents, whether or not you are experiencing COVID-19 symptom.Visit La County COVID-19 test page  here.

LA city/county's frequently asked questions page: What is COVID-19? What should I do if I’m showing symptoms? What if I am diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus? and more. Visit the frequently asked questions page here.


American Renascent Center's annual MBCT ( mindful based cognitive therapy) study buddy, and weekly peer support group are temporarily shut down. The meetings held Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm at La Cocina Restaurant are on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no schedule for re-opening. For more info contact (text/call) Ty Johnson at 323-534-8980. We encourage everyone to visit our two new Facebook groups. "Caring Caregivers Support" is an online public group that shares nutrition, education and mental health support. Visit Caring Caregivers here. Members Cherice Harriet and Ty administrate the group and Rodney is the moderator. The other group is Daily Serenity. In this group a general topic is selected each week ( Health, Nutrition, Burning Desire, Education of Mind) and everyone can share or post regarding that topic during that week. On the weekends Burning Desire is the topic. If you're having difficulties (or success), tell us about it. And if there is something going on in your life that you have to share immediately during the weekdays please do. Everything posted in this meeting is private and will not be posted to the public. Rodney is also the moderator. See Daily Serenity here.