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Health Support

AR Center support groups offer awareness in nutrition, education and mental health. We will network with organizations and agencies that have high ethical standards and are willing to support individuals suffering from mental health conditions.

Brief History

American Renascent Center Outreach was started by Ty Johnson in 1982. After leaving the military and suffering from depression he ended up homeless in Los Angeles. He wandered the streets as do so many others who suffer from similar mental health issues. One cold rainy winter night while asleep in his tent Ty heard someone crying. He went outside to see what the problem was and why was there someone crying out in a storm. To his surprise he discovered two senior adults curled up together trying to stay warm. Ty asked them what was the matter and why were they out in this type of weather? They told him that they had been kicked off of a property where they were temporarily staying to get out of the weather and that the security officer threw out & scattered all of their belongings including their tent. Ty was compelled through compassion to give them his tent along with his necessities and to go out that night and find any others that may be un-sheltered from the storm, reaching out to anyone he could in the nearby neighborhood community to assist him in providing provisions that night for those who were suffering. This account in Ty’s life was the start of the American Renascent Center. Says Ty: "I truly believe that if we search our heart and soul there lies a deep compassion that compels each of us to become our brother keeper and within this compassion lies the answers and cures to most of our personal suffering."


VISION: We partner with professionals, patients, families and communities to create wellness and healthy living.

MISSION: The specific purpose of our private nonprofit organization is to educate, feed, clothe and house the homeless and low-income in Southern California.

VALUES: Integrity that is uncompromising towards the health and welfare of all our peers, family, and friends.

RESPECT: We recognize the uniqueness of every individual and embrace all people in a way that affirms everyone’s personal worth and dignity.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We take responsibility for providing the best services possible.

DEDICATION: American Renascent Center strives each day to advance corporate networking and create outreach with medical, ministerial, and business professionals.

We help empower good mental health. NOTHING changes unless SOMETHING changes.

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