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Healthy Living

HEALTHY LIVING EMOTIONAL SUPPORT GROUP is a unique approach to outreach that we feel will aid participants in living healthy in a state of wellness. Healthy Living has three areas of interests for its participants:

1. Life related experiences: This allows participants to read real life stories and relate them to their own personal live.

2. Recovery workshop: Participants receives tools in which they learn how to set positive goals in recovery such as symptom awareness, nutrition and other helpful tools that will aid in restoring one’s self back to wellness.

3. Group Social Activities: Participate in community activities such as picnics, sporting events, fishing trips and so on. This creates a sense of establishing themselves back into the community as a whole.

Child/Adolescent Support through Arts and Crafts is part of the support group. It is designed to help parents attending the meeting.

Contact: Ty Johnson at 1-323-534-8980, about this group